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8 Key Reasons That Make Loyalty Program an Imperative for Your Business

8 Key Reasons That Make Loyalty Program an Imperative for Your Business

Retaining customers is proving to be an uphill task for businesses. In the post-Covid world, switching loyalties have become quite common. The study by Inmar Intelligence last September shows that around 65% of consumers have switched brands “often” or “very often” in just a span of three months. As a business owner, do you lose sleep over customers switching to your competitors? There is absolutely no cause for concern. A

6 top tips for restaurants to attract customers

Restaurants all over the world are back in action. After more than a year of lockdowns, restaurant owners are heaving a sigh of relief. As per the report by National Restaurant Association, in 2020, the sales in the restaurant industry were $240 billion lower than expected levels. Now, it’s time to compensate for those lost sales. In the post- Covid world, the expectations of customers have changed drastically. The diners have become quite hygiene conscious. They just don’t want to risk catching

Top 5 Ways Technology Helps Restaurants in Cost Cutting During Covid-19 Times

The restaurant industry is battling with the stiff challenges posed by Covid-19. Unlike the pre-pandemic times, nowadays customers hesitate to visit restaurants. Many of the diners just don’t want to take a risk. As a result, restaurant sales have declined sharply. Studies show that in the United States alone, more than 1, 10,000 eating and drinking establishments were shut down in 2020. To make matters worse, the food costs are skyrocketing. Hence, for the existing restaurants to survive, it ha

How restaurant management software has changed the restaurant industry

The concept of dining out is not a popular choice anymore. Unlike the earlier times, diners have become hesitant to visit restaurants. Are you intimidated by the thought of visiting a restaurant? You might have concerns about catching Covid-19 contraction. Not anymore. With a modern day, digital restaurant management software, now be assured of an absolutely safe, no-contact dining experience.

Let’s check the major reasons behind restaurant owners increasingly making use of the restaurant manag

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